Winter Thick-soled Embossed Plus Velvet Cotton Height Increasing Boots 8cm

In recent years, there have been problems with brands. Among them, the quality problems and the poor attitude of after-sales service have repeatedly hit Chinese consumers’ confidence. But what is surprising is that shoes have been founded for 18 years, and its brand brand Jin Murui has never had quality problems. All the quality problems of our brand’s internal thickening shoes have been timely. Solution. We have collected some cases of questions about the quality of Height Increasing Boots in the past few years.

LV: Men’s shoes wear 10 days of leather surface cracking, according to the media reported in June 12, Tianjin consumer Mr. Wei spent 7980 yuan to buy LV brand men’s shoes, wearing less than 10 days, one of the shoes of the upper wrinkles There are many cases where the leather surface is split and lifted. However, the appraisal department of Louis Vuitton [microblogging] Chinese company only relied on the photos and the description of the clerk to find that the Height Increasing Boots had no quality problems. They thought that this was caused by the frequency of wearing and the environment, which caused the skin to be lifted. This conclusion made Mr. Wei scream.

Height Increasing Boots

According to Ms. Wang, a consumer in Tianjin, the Elevator Boots she bought had the same quality problems, and the road to rights protection was equally rough. Insiders pointed out that LV is currently the only one in the product, the only one in China has a post-sales service center brand, but the brand image is seriously inconsistent with the actual situation.

GUCCI: The shoes faded after three days of wear. According to the Beijing Morning Post on June 18, 2008, a Mr. Ma spent nearly 10,000 yuan on Elevator Boots and bags bought at a GUCCI store, and he found a business. Make a return request. At present, the relevant staff of the GUCCI store said that they do not think that the goods purchased by Mr. Ma have quality problems, and if there is any objection, they can go to the test.

Height Increasing Boots

Mr. Ma told reporters that he bought a pair of red and black and white leather Height Increasing Shoes and a black belt one-shoulder canvas bag at a GUCCI store on May 15. On the third day after the purchase, the shoes appeared to fade. Mr. Ma said that when he called GUCCI on this matter, the other party said that fading was normal.

FENDI: Folding new shoes once, the Legal Evening News reported that at the end of June 2012, the customer Miss Sun (pseudonym) bought two pairs of women of different colors and styles at the FENDI store in Beijing Shin Kong Place. Sandals, one of which is a discounted item, the original price of 4280 yuan, 50% off, the other pair is a regular price.

Height Increasing Boots

The pair that was discounted was only worn once, and the sole part showed obvious opening. When she took the shoes to the store and was ready to return, she was hit again. The clerk said that the shoes were made of Italian eco-friendly glue, which was easy to open. And the clerk said that the opening of the glue is not within the scope of the three guarantees, it is impossible to return the goods, the shoes are discounted, and the maintenance also requires the guests to save their own money.

Height Increasing Boots

Our internal heightening shoes have never had quality problems. Men have increased their shoes and strictly controlled the quality. Up to now, the after-sales service department has introduced: Since the establishment of the high-end shoes for 18 years, it has been insisting on the idea of building a brand of high-end shoes and strict quality control. The luxury jewelry brand Jin Murui custom shoes from the creation to the present, over 200,000 pairs of hours, but never seen the phenomenon of repair. Although our shoes occasionally have the wrong size, color difference and other phenomena, but the after-sales department has time to give customers a satisfactory answer, 18 years of persistence, to create a good reputation for the increase in shoes.

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