Ultra-light Fly-weaving High Heel Shoes For Men 6.5 cm

Daily customer service often encounters customers asking questions such as: High Heel Shoes For Men are bigger than leather shoes or leather shoes are bigger than sports shoes? If you don’t wear these two kinds of shoes regularly, although you know that the code between them is definitely not equal. But I don’t know which shoe is the larger number of shoes, which shoes are the standard code. If you can’t tell the difference, it will cause you some trouble in the process of buying shoes, especially for those who like to buy shoes online.

The correct answer to this problem is that the sneakers are one size larger than the High Heel Shoes For Men. We all know that leather shoes and sneakers are completely different models, so they have different needs in different occasions. It is like a shoe that appears in a more formal occasion, and sneakers appear in a more relaxed and casual environment.

High Heel Shoes For Men

The reason why sneakers are one size larger than leather shoes is very simple. As mentioned above, leather Shoes For Short People appear in more formal and formal occasions, so it is of course more in line with their own foot shape, only in accordance with With your own feet, you can make your clothes look more like. Therefore, the code number of the shoes is a standard code. For sneakers, we can know its main use from its name, that is, it is used for sports. The shoes that are used for sports are relatively loose, so that you can get a full relaxation from top to bottom. Therefore, the code number of the sports shoes is not in conformity with the standard code, and its code number is one yard larger than the code number of the leather shoes.

High Heel Shoes For Men

Ultra-light Fly-weaving Casual Shoes For Short People Part of the 6.5 cm increase in casual shoes, there will be such an idea, because the sneakers are used in sports, so you need to fit your own foot shape, otherwise it is very easy Get out of your own feet. Because leather shoes are worn only when you go to work or in formal occasions, you naturally need to be comfortable and relaxed. Also because of such an idea, they naturally feel that shoes are one size larger than sneakers.

And when you see the above content, people who have the idea that shoes are bigger than sneakers need to be corrected, because in our real life, Height Increasing Shoes are indeed one size larger than leather shoes. If you don’t want to have any unnecessary troubles when you are online shopping, choose different shoes for yourself according to reasonable yards.

High Heel Shoes For Men

Height Increasing Shoes are often known as “hate the sky high”. After putting on, people’s weight will move forward, and the waist, hips, legs and feet should be coordinated to maintain balance. The arch that was originally stressed was forced to withstand the sharp increase in weight, which easily caused pain, joint damage or deformation. At the same time, the muscle is in a state of tension for a long time, and it is easy to backache and back pain. This is also in the case of “stationary”, the situation that high-heeled shoes cause lameness and falling is more common. No, some people say that the too high heel makes the catwalk model become a high-risk career!

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