New Men’s Black Bullock Carved Elevator Dress Shoes 7CM

Said a pair of good shoes High Heel Men’s Shoes Breathable Casual White Shoes Increase 7CM, can reflect the man’s living standards and grades, can also reflect the man’s living habits and personality trends from the side. But a pair of good Elevator Dress Shoes, even if thousands of famous brands, new shoes just bought back, it will inevitably wear feet, some relatively hard materials, even the feet are red, swollen, foaming, so that the wearer is extremely uncomfortable .

What about leather shoes? Manager Pang of the top ten leather shoes brand in China introduces the most practical methods for you. The most popular places for new leather Elevator Dress Shoes are the heel and the outside of the toes. In general, when men wear new shoes, they are used to sticking to the two most easily worn parts, which is the most practical method.

Elevator Dress Shoes

In addition to the band-aid method, there are many solutions to the problem of how to make a Elevator Shoes. The wearer can choose the most direct and convenient way to use it. Look for a piece of newspaper and smash it into water. Don’t get too wet, but you should get the water in the whole group, then wrap the wet newspaper in a dry newspaper, stuff it in the grinding foot, and then seal the shoe in a plastic bag. In it, you can wear it after a night.

Use white wine or white vinegar to spread the parts of the feet. About 10 minutes, the material of the Elevator Shoes will be slightly soft, and then walk for a while, and then do not rub your feet after drying. The blower blowing method is also the most common and simple method. It is blown according to the part of the shoe grinding foot until the leather is softened, and then the hard object is used. This is very useful.

Elevator Dress Shoes

The hammering method is similar to the method of blowing. Use a damp cloth to cover the place where the foot is worn, and then use a hammer to repeatedly rub it. Of course, the force should be gentle. After the leather is softened, it will not wear your feet. Stepping on the way, fold the piece of the grinding foot into the inside, and recess it, just like wearing a slipper, and then putting it in a few days will be much better.

Buying anti-wear stickers is similar to the band-aid method, except that the anti-wear stickers are flesh-colored, unlike the band-aid, which has a block of things that affects the foot, and its texture is very good, very soft, and feels special after wearing the Height Increasing Shoes. Comfortable. The disadvantage is that this wear-resistant sticker is more expensive.

Elevator Dress Shoes

Put on thick socks, this is an idiot way, wearing thick socks when wearing Height Increasing Shoes can reduce the friction between the feet and shoes. The easiest solution is to don’t wear new shoes. It is best to wear them for two days, then for a day or two, and then for three or four days. There are also new shoes, try to avoid going too long, occasionally wearing a walk, and after a while.

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