6.5cm Men’s Cowhide Brock Business Elevator Shoes

A little bit happy because I’m getting married; but a little bit annoying because I’m about the same height as a prospective bride. Think about it, my wife wore a hate with a wedding dress at the wedding, can you compare me? Who would want to feel shorter than the bride on the wedding day?.

My friends suggested that even the prospective brides “instructed” me and asked me to buy a pair of high-end formal dress Business Elevator Shoes for wedding photos and weddings. I can not stand the “temptation”, but in fact it hits my heart, just do it! And I have to take it seriously. I usually do not be fussy when shopping, but now I have to be “picked”. When it comes to weddings, I rely on the height of shoes 6.5cm Men’s Cowhide Brock Business Elevator Shoes to earn a face.

Elevator Shoes

First decide which brand of inner Business Elevator Shoes to choose. Searching on the Internet, I first saw a few “Gao” cards. To be honest, I was a little uncomfortable. The name was very grounded, but it also felt like the laughter and noise in the market. Too eye-catching, is it comfort or irony? I was a little worried.

 After understanding and comparing several brands, I finally had a good opinion of He Jinchang’s inner shoes. The selling point is the inventor of heightened shoes and the industry standard maker in China. I particularly checked its patent certificate, and submitted a patent application as early as 1996, which was approved by the National Patent Office in 1997. Unlike some brands that advertise the 24-year history, but the introduction clearly says “established in 1999” … If the diorama is not broken, it can look at itself and see if it will become a monster.

Elevator Shoes

 I used to buy things, but I can buy them online. After all, the heightened shoes have never been worn. After all, in my imagination, will it be as uncomfortable and uncomfortable as wearing high heels? Therefore, please ask the prospective bride to take time to accompany me to the store.

The prospective bride helped me choose a pair of British formal dress Brock Elevator Shoes. I reached in and stood, feeling that my feet were leaning forward and rushing forward. After walking around, it seemed to be a bit lame. The manager said that this is a normal situation and generally can be fully adapted after wearing about a week. Think about the prospective bride wearing high heels for the first time, I think I’ll be fine, and then I tried it carefully and didn’t feel the angle, the top foot, I hope to get used to it.

Elevator Shoes

I tried two more pairs. Looking in the mirror, I felt that I was taller and more majestic than ever before. I was so strong that I almost thought I was a star. My feelings were really different. The manager said with a smile, this is the feeling of being superior … After flattening the trouser legs, I found that the inner Elevator Shoes are really no different from ordinary shoes. I thought this would be fine, and the height will not be known by others.

 I finally took away the first pair of leather Elevator Dress Shoes and bought a pair of sheepskin shoes for the prospective bride. I learned that the two of us are getting married, the store manager sent a sweet blessing, saying that almost every day, grooms and customers come to buy shoes, and most of them ask for a higher height. There are many people. If you also have this desire, remember to do this very necessary thing before getting married-buy a pair of inner shoes!

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