6.5 cm Lightweight Sports Leisure Running Men Elevator Sneakers

How can a small man wear a pair to avoid short legs? What kind of shoes are suitable for the “Elevator Sneakers insole”? How to make a handsome appearance in a simple dress? Four European and American male stars demonstrate, with the increase in Martin boots for you to answer questions.

Zach Efron, I want to know if I can roll the pants in less than 175cm? How do you not find your legs short? Today, please show Zach Efron, one of the annual male stars! The original jeans roll pants can be used as long as the 6.5 cm lightweight sports leisure running Increased Men Elevator Sneakers can look slender, the upper body and then take a short version of the bomber jacket (Bomber Jacket) to lengthen the overall vision, the body proportion does not lose 180cm type of male . In addition, this season’s wide version of the jeans is also the focus of attention.

Elevator Sneakers

 Joe Jonas has the power to make up for it! After being stunned by many foreign media for N times, Joe Jonas in Jonas Brothers, who is fascinated by the world’s girls, has finally regained 10%: using a man wild plain T-shirt with a short version of the pilot. The jacket lengthens the lower body. If you are not tall, please don’t try the long coat. It will only be short. If you don’t have long legs, please insert the inner canvas shoes into the pants. The lower body will not be visually cut into 2 pieces. . In addition, a pair of stylish sunglasses will help you improve the overall look of the look.

Elevator Sneakers

Oliver Cheshire is hailed as Oliver Cheshire who wears underwear. This time, he chooses a body with the same color to pull up, and the height is less than 175 cm. It is recommended to learn to choose black jeans to cover the black inner Height Increasing Sneakers. (Remember the color Be sure to choose black to lengthen the leg line), while the short version of the pilot jacket makes the lower body more slender, and remember that the hairstyle is also the key! Of course, don’t forget to hold the “It Girl” singer Pixie Lott, who is familiar with him, and the female friends to make the atmosphere even higher with sexy skirts!

Elevator Sneakers

Although most people will not explain, but many types of men know that you can buy the inner increase in Martin boots or Height Increasing Sneakers, do not sneak in the shoes “add insole” increase this trick! It is possible to increase the height of the “shoe insole” without revealing the mark; therefore, the increase in the short boots, the increase in the sneakers and the increase in the canvas shoes are good choices! And how can such a shoe match to play a big role? After all, it will be short when you make a mistake.

Justin Theroux’s increased Martin boots with fitted jeans, fits the key to the long or short legs, and the short version of the fitted leather makes the 175-sized Justin Theroux instantly stretch the lower body!

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